People deserve to prosper from their work and talent. It's time we provide all athletes with the same opportunity.

Our Promise.

MVNM’s mission is to provide student-athletes with the fair compensation needed to enhance their financial success and overall well-being. NCAA rules prohibit individuals and other entities from contacting student-athletes, their families or other representatives to encourage them to attend a particular academic institution. Doing so jeopardizes the student-athletes’ amateur status.  MVNM is an innovative way to provide future compensation to the student-athlete while still abiding by NCAA rules and other applicable laws.  It allows individuals to contribute to the compensation of the student-athlete at the conclusion of their amateur status.  If we make a mistake, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. When it comes time for you to redeem the funds to which you are entitled, please contact us below to initiate the identification process.

Pablo Arellano Jr. – Founder & CEO.