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My Story.

Growing up in Cincinnati, OH, I had a strict upbringing where my father praised me and my siblings for our athletic achievements over academics. Nothing in this world was more important than seeking acceptance from my father.

As a result, I committed to going “all in” in athletics with an insane daily workout/training routine, which led me to be named one of the best in my city and receive a full ride to college. In the weeks leading up to my initial training sessions, I found a vein in the back of my leg that was pulling and hampering my ability to perform. As the training intensity increased, so did the vein—it formed into a baseball. The medical staff felt it was too risky and referred me to another specialist, requiring another lead time, MRI, X-rays, etc. The prognosis: medical-grade stockings and Vicodin—oh, and to toughen up. My performance on the field was pitiful and I felt I was losing my identity; I fell into a state of depression, my grades spiraled, and I lost my scholarship.

Coming into college, I had a voice, as I was a top-tier recruit, but I left as a stereotypical “bust.” After transferring, it took four years to identify a renowned specialist while having it financed by my employer. Today, I live with numerous scars on my leg, and it is imperative I keep a healthy weight because it’s not a matter if it will return, but when.

As a person who believes the glass is always half-full, I would say I have been lucky through this ordeal. The time and effort I used to spend on training, I channeled into business, design, and computer programming. As a result, it has afforded me the luxury to have a voice. MVNM is not here to point fingers, nor to run amuck of disruption. It’s merely here as a solution in creating financial opportunities for those athletes that we aspire to recruit. Imagine a world where people prosper from their work. It’s time we provide our athletes with the same opportunity.





Pablo Arellano Jr. – Founder & CEO.